• Son Of A Sailor Rum

    Son Of A Sailor Rum

    Travel back in time with our Son of a Sailor Rum. As you are enjoying a bottle take a moment and remember all the seafarers that came before. Living life large with a sense of adventure and awe. Taking each day as a gift. Battling the elements and learning to trust themselves along the way. Son of a Sailor rum will transport you to a simpler time. 

    Handcrafted a few bottles at a time. Drink alone or use for cocktails. It is absolutely delicious. 86 proof

  • Sassy Mermaid Rum

    Sassy Mermaid Rum

    This award winning rum is unique, we age it in brand new American oak barrels like we do our whiskey. This gives it added flavor and mellows the taste. Carefully produced in small batches then distilled at a low proof to preserve the rich notes of the molasses for an exceptionally smooth finish. Every batch has it's own distinctive personality that you will enjoy with every sip.  80 proof

    Mermaids are protectors of the sea, coming to those in distress, no one can resist t

  • Sassy Mermaid Spiced Rum

    Sassy Mermaid Spiced Rum

    Made from a 200 year old pirate recipe. This rum is unique, doesn't taste like nothing else on the market.  Truly is a spiced rum. This fine spiced rum is carefully produced in small batches with fresh molasses, then distilled slowly to preserve the rich notes and flavors. We then infuse the rum with select spices, natural flavors and a bit of honey. This gives us a spirit with a unique personality, complexity and a long and satisfying finish enjoyed in every sip.

    70 proo